A restaurant manager is threatened by a customer complaint

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It has been another stressful week. My pain levels have been through the roof. My uncomfortable pregnant daughter is going out of her mind. Her blood pressure is high and we are all concerned. I have been dealing with some unnecessary drama with one of my teens. Yes, I am really stressed. I am praying I don't end up with another illness to complicate matters. I'm still tired from the last bought of pneumonia. I am a complete mess.

Anyhoo, enough about that. Have you ever been to a restaurant that served you a crappy dinner? If so, did you complain to the manager? If you did, was he or she receptive and apologetic?


That didn't happen when Rakesh Cristaval, an angry customer who complained to the manager of an Indian restaurant. His dinner tasted like shit, as he put it. The manager couldn't handle the criticism at all, and things got very ugly from there on. Have a listen, and then have a great laugh!

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Lmao omg


I'm happy you enjoyed it :)


So funny!!