A crazy Indian Microsoft scammer goes crazy

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The last several days have been insane. The twins are doing fine, but became jaundiced and required phototherapy. My daughter's blood pressure is better but she is still not out of the woods. In the end, everyone required a longer hospital stay. Here is hoping they can go home tomorrow because my daughter is going out of her mind. Who can blame her? I have been there, so I definitely understand.

Due to all of the stress from the week, my health hasn't been great. I've been dealing with a lot of nausea and pain. It's no wonder because a lot is also happening this week too.

This week the teens are back to school, and my youngest is entering senior high school. My middle daughter is going back to work after being on mat leave, and her boyfriend's mother is going to watch my grandson. My second oldest is going to be completing her mortuary studies program. The plan is that she graduates and is licensed next year. Therefore, another chapter is about to start for my kids.

Anyhoo, enough of that. I know all of us have received phone calls from scammers. A large portion of them call from India, pretending to work at Microsoft support. They phone you and tell you that your computer is not working. They are somehow psychic because how would they know this otherwise? They just want your money and identity. An easy way for them to access it is if they sneak into your computer. Unfortunately plenty of people fall for this. Plenty of people have been hurt. These scammers don't quit either.


Though, some wise guy decided he had enough of one of them, and called him back. He had a few things that needed to be said. Somehow the topic pertaining to bestiality came up in conversation, and he managed to make the scammer flustered. Have a listen, and have a laugh.

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LOL that video gave me such a chuckle its always good to see scammers getting wound up :)

Sending positive Vibes for your daughter and grandkids :)


@tattoodjay Thank you ❤️ I am glad you enjoyed this.

Wow you have been through a lot. Prayers your way and hope all is well. Its nice to get a laugh in in tough situations.


@thequeendizzle Thank you ❤️ laughter is great medicine.