Horrible: Student Pranks The Whole School By Putting Laxatives In Their Lunch! Real or Fake?

in #funny2 years ago (edited)

One of my guilty pleasures every morning is watching the new World Start Hip Hop videos each morning when I wake up. This site is complete trash but it's kinda like reading the National Inquirer, amusing but trashy. This morning I stumbled upon this video titled "Horrible: Student Pranks The Whole School By Putting Laxatives In Their Lunch!"

Initially I had a mixed reaction of this is horrible and kind of funny. People pooping everywhere is gonna make you laugh, but this is actually a fairly serious matter, when you start putting chemicals or medication in people's food very bad things can happen, especially if someone had colitis or some other bowel issues.

Anyhow, I showed it to my girlfriend and she immediately said that's so fake.

What's your take? Is this real or fake?

I thought the reactions of everyone involved seemed fairly authentic, most people are bad actors and stuff like this is hard to fake with genuine reactions.


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other than being horrible can have negative consequences for health, we must put an end to this type of acts, @rulesforrebels.

I completely agree, this could have serious health effects on people and whomever did it could get in some serious trouble. Despite the seriousness of it poop does give me a chuckle but I agree this is no laughing matter.

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