The LOL's Of Creative Statue Photography Mastery...

in funny •  10 months ago

Another round of curated weekend funny shots...

Gotta make you wonder...

As everyone has a camera on their phone, such photobombs and plays have become more and more common... curious as to what types of these creative snapshots were done back in the days of film-cameras.

Whatever the case, some good laughs here and now...

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This is very funny ! Thank you for making this compilation :) I had a good laugh

Wonderful pictures, with such beautiful concept.

Very funny, thank you for the share :)

This very beautiful post thanks for sharing this lol i like your funny post.. Carry on..

Lol... This is beautiful and funny!
if i had to pick my favorite ... i'll pick ALL :D

Thanks for putting this out @rok-sivante

The photos are super funny... You just made my night

Wao, my mouth is open to this, where did you get all those funny startles ,they looks real, act is now growing real,you are unbelievable, nice creative post, thanks for sharing

Hahahaha ... I can not help laughing after seeing these very funny pictures. Super creative. Extraordinary. 👍👍👍

Very funny.. Creative collection..

Wao! all this statue appeared so real. This is just so wonderful.
I love them all. The highest order of creativity

congratulations for this creative and fun work, the images speak for themselves
thank you very much for this fun
I wish you an amazing weekend

I've seen some of those before, but most were new. That's so great. I love how ingenious people are when it comes to statues. I tend to just look at them and appreciate them (or not) for what they are, but for those who can think outside the box, they come up with all these funny pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day!

This one got me rolling 😂😂😂😂

Super like 👍 @rok-sivante each one of them have aclass and sense of humour...👌 ..

Just made my sunday morning wonderful...😃 good to share...and for sure u r the only one to take all snaps?

Nice job. Some good laughs among those photos. Thanks.

very funny picture my friend :D

all its unique and funny. good for health after seeing your post this one.

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thank you for letting me know.


I was just stupid, that's the thing ;)

🤣🤣🤣 So many of them! Gold!

ahaha, those are some freaking funny pictures! made me laugh :D

LOL!! Very funny 😄😄
I really like that first photo..
I couldn't help laughing when I saw her..
Great job @rok-sivante

OMG, I must dig my archives. This one....

is from Guangzhou. I have the statues myself.