Haha! Wondering what he saw

It is an excellent question ;-)

food he saw food :D

Good one ;-)

The sad thing is I've made that face while driving.

We all do this at least once ;-)

greet dogy

Move bitch get out the wayy

ha ha very funny..


My face when i see food :D

Good one ;-)

Weirdo dog. Doesn't realize he has a horn

The picture doesn't say much about that. Shetland dogs are smart he probably used it ;-)

hahahahhaa :D


Hahaah! Exactly the same happen to me.

No way!

Yup even dogs are late theses days ;-)

What am I late!? ;)

Something is happening that is for sure ;-)

@riounh34 Hey, could you undelegate your SP to @ryacha21

He is leasing 30k SP from @minnowbooster then using that to VOTE Up his own 7 Day old comments on random posts at the last minute. Scroll his comments to around the 6 day mark or just go to; he has a lot of self love on his own old comments.

HE IS DOING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. He is farming the pool.. If you could help it would be appreciated..

Learn more about this sack of monkey spunk here:

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Dear @riounh34

I've noticed that you're delegating your Steem Power to coin-doubler and I decided to reach out to you with a warning.

Several days ago, one of Steem witnesses published warning about this user and you may consider it worth checking out:

Perhaps it's best to avoid delegating to coin-double. I have my own doubts if this account is not owned by one of HIVE witnesses and it really seem that they are milking steem. At least, that is my impression.

Yours, Piotr

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