You are back :)

I was gone for only a week or so ;-)

He might poop himself if he keeps that up

Well he is trying hard that we can tell. The poop part is a possibility ;-)

that's how i felt in the beginning :)

It is part of the initiation i guess ;-)

true.. still valid for me

Keep at it someday you will be amazed by how great it turned out ;-)

well said

Yes, it is f*cking hard :D

I agree it isn't easy to start on this platform

good try chilldren.Keep it up

Yeah!! I can relate ;)


1000 % true

Nice bro!

When does it stop being like that? xD already one month since I went on steemit, and never went over something like 0.60$... xD

It's better to put things in perspective. What would you have earned if steem was worth 100$? That is the right way of seeing it. I expect in 2-3 years we will be at that price. So hang on in there you will love the ride (disclaimer : may or may not happen ).

Hum... Yeah you're right! But it's not just about the money... It's sad putting some work in your post, and... Nobody reads it x) like, some post took me nearly one hour to write, and

You are absolutely right but the system we are in offers unlimited material to read and limited people to read it. You get too much offer for too little demand the result is hurting a lot. They will probably manage to spin off something better over time.

Yeah, you're right! And steemit is still in development, so I believe in it ;) but it's just hard to stay motivated when it happen... Even though I'm still willing to publish nice content ;)

Lol what do you class as a new user? Because this is still me.

I would say when your upvote is below < 0.01 ;-)

i commented :)

@andyx, this is your second comment on this post. No double dipping 8-p..

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