Have a great day everyone!

in funny •  3 years ago 

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This is what happens when we play god.

I'm ok with it


After long time im back enjoying your memes!

Welcome back @bindu ;-)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

teeth is so big

That's what i call a "smile" ;-)

you too :D

Thanks ;-)

Teeth seems well brushed

Indeed they are ;-)

Nice pic hahaha.

Thanks ;-)

My 4 year old cracked up when he saw this.

Glad he found it funny ;-)

:) BTW I am not Groot ;)

I will need some IDs please ;-)

yeah!! You too have a good day..

Thanks ;-)

You too @riounh34! :D Made my day...laugh so hard haha

Glad you like it ;-)

lips and teeth..hahaah...


I am on a fund raiser as I lost all my steem trying to figure out how to deposit it help!!!
Great post I like smiles hoping we could spread them...

Sorry for your loss. I hope you still have a good day.

a smile can make a difference . have a nice day ..

Thanks, same to you ;-)

You too..

Thanks ;-)

Funny teeth!


Have a great day to you too!

Thanks ;-)

you too :)

I am Groot! :D

Sorry i don't upvote bots.