The Trampoline Paradox.

in funny •  4 months ago

If you could bound like a superhero across a trampoline field that would be amazing. Therein lies the trampoline paradox. The area of fun on a trampoline is limited.

A) Trampolines have a limited area of fun surrounded by danger and hardship.

B) If you increase the size of the trampoline fun area, it will sag in the middle losing bounciness.

no bounding across fields
no tramp houses with tramp walls, floor and ceiling
no tramp commuting to work

Of course there are trampoline parks, a cool concept for sure, but its not all tramp everywhere. There are pads between trampiness so you need to watch what you're doing closely. You can't just go for it and bounce around like a free spirit.

You can never tramp freely, human technology has not advanced to that point.

Simply increasing the tensive capabilities of your mat will not solve the paradox. If the tramp remains springy, but is also huge, you’d be dangerously close to springing yourself into outer space jumping in the middle. Bounciness needs to be consistent and safe throughout a large area. All tramp everywhere, equally.

Mankind has been pondering tramp expansion for eons.

I don’t have a solution, but if there were a crowdfunding project I would certainly invest!


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I wish sportspodium all the best :). thank you! @remistevens

Sounds like an interesting challenge for stem people.


hmmm, yes, I may have used the wrong tag for this...


You're ok. Physics people like these kind of challenges also.