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He adressed that problem in the conference: what gets in the trending page is not the best content... sorry, but this post is the best example.

Instead of seeing good quality, thoughful and critical analysis, we get to read trolls, that dont even know how to write properly, are uninformed and childish.

Solution? Account based voting, as he well mention in the conference.
Is that the solution for every problem? No, but Reddit is a clear example of what happens when you have that model, adressing its pros and cons.

Trending posts about this analysis (pros-cons, financial implications, bots creation incentives, etc) would be something worthy to read, made by smart people, instead of... well... 99% of articles polluting the trending.

So, go @ned!! i agree with everything you said on the conference. And if you manage to pull out your plans, Steem has a true chance to become a top 10 crypto.


Ummm this is exactly the type of post that would make the front page of reddit though. Part of having a thriving community with millions of people is lowering the bar on what get's rewarded. IMHO Steemit should be fun and easy. Short cheap laughs should be able to gain rewards just as high as essays.

It's a personal taste thing but I enjoy this type of material far more than the endless stream of platitude articles that many cherish and think are the proper way to use Steem.

Full disclosure: I own @reaction.


I don't think people here get this. Many people on steemit are trapped in the late 90's/early 00's in their ways of thinking, and they think that writing long-winded posts no one really gives a fuck about and circular voting it to the top somehow makes the platform more valuable. No, it actually just shoves content people actually like the fuck out, and the terrible numbers on steemit as far as retention goes proves how unlikable the content of the main cohort of the top-paid authors on steemit really is.

Think of every blogging website that was around back in the day, and get it through your heads that they're all dead for a reason, people. And those who do stick to the format of long-form blogs want to see content from authors they like and an easy way to find them, not this garbled nonsense maze we have to navigate every day.


And if you manage to pull out your plans, Steem has a true chance to become a top 10 crypto.

Wont happen, as majority here have become corrupted

berniesanders is a obvious troll


I couldn't help myself. I just had to evaluate the profitability of this post. Referring to @transparencybot statistics:

For a total calculated bidbot upvote value of $405 STU, $852 USD before curation, with approx. $101 USD curation being earned by the bidbots.

Currently, this post is earning $364.91 STU, If we minus 25% curation, the author is left with $273.68 STU. This equates to a loss of $131.32 STU (-32%). There is a downvote from @beanz whose vote is worth $11.67. There could be other downvotes too but it is not obvious.


Yup, vote buying has been at a loss with the downtrend in price. It can swing the other way in an uptrend. This post was suppressed for a few days as well then had that downvote removed. So it did lose exposure and a chance at more organic upvotes.

As a money making venture the post was a flop, in the hopes that a meme would catch on it was also a flop. I still had some fun though so I regret nothing!!


Ok. that explains it. As long as you have fun - that's all that matters.

I love this, 10/10

The word luck simply does not exist but it is only the outcome of you own hard and smart work i.e your karma

So sad

why bad luck?

I fully share the desire of all the good people of this community to make the rewards system here more representative of the quality, and not the longevity/cronyism of the poster. Ned's latest comments in Korea are very promising. However, the options for rewarding our contributors represent a continuum. At present we are at one end of the spectrum--rewarding longevity, and ignoring quality. Ned's "solution' (one person-one vote) represents the other end of that same spectrum. IMHO, it would be as unworkable as the current situation.

Right now, with all the bots posting and these 3rd-world mail-order bride memberships, one-man/one-vote will STILL result in poor content being unfairly rewarded. What we need is a middle ground--a weighting system that (for example) gives 70+ reputation members 7 times the voting weight of a 10-rep member, 3.5 times that of a 20-rep...and so on. A 60+ reputation member would get 6 times the weight of a 10-rep, 3 times that of a 20-rep, etc. a 50+ rep member would get 5 times the weight of a 10, rep, 2.5 times the weight of a 20-rep, etc. I think you get the idea. This algorithm could, of course be made even more exacting, and the weighting is just an example.

Still, it would be a vast improvement over the current system where someone like Haejin can post an article with average ( or even below average) content and get $500-1000 SBD, whereas an excellent article by a newbie might get nothing, or get his measly $.01 or $.02 "dusted."

The reason the U.S.A. has been so successful (except for the past 40 years, or so) was because our government was a blending of the spectrum of possible leadership/reward structures. We chose the middle path (a republic) between the opposing tyrannies of monarchy and absolute democracy. The Steemit community must do the same.

Egalitarianism and meritocracy must be our watch words as we strive, rightly, to put the best content forward as possible.


I think it will take a nuanced hybrid approach with some experimentation. I find it a little odd you chose to make such a long and well written/thought out comment on a meme post that was designed to poke fun and spawn more memes but I guess the exposure of the post made it attractive to get your word out.

Steem on!


Yes. The nuancing will take time, but we definitely don't want one-man, one-vote here, as things are currently constituted. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Would love to meet Ned 1 day..

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there is no bad luck... work hard you will succeed

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One account - one vote system will be much more dangerous for the platform.

Instead allow two trending pages - one as per current system and another as per new proposed system and let then users decide which one is able to discover better content


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Welcome to the circle-jerk, according to the statistics there's a single-digit percent chance you'll stay after your delegation expires. I wish that people like you were heard instead of dismissed, but sadly that isn't what people want to hear when they've had their heads up their asses for so long.

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Now this shit is funny, or is it a fucking joke? I can't tell the difference!


What's the problem? I paid a whole bunch to promote the post in the hopes I could get a new meme going. I don't think people understand how the promotion system works. I paid for that. Unfortunately @blocktrades flagged it because apparently fun and easy content should not be rewarded.

Geeze great way to attract the masses.

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