Back to School Rant to Parents

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I've noticed around this time of year that as I get older my Facebook feed has changed from friends complaining about going back to class and how awesome their summer was to now "Heres John ready for his first day of grade 3!" I'm still trying to understand the point in these posts…We get it you have a 8 year old kid, and he is doing the exact same thing that every 8 year old kid is doing on this day in September. Hes not talking for the first time or skipping grades, hes going to school to kindergarten, like hes supposed to, hes not special.

I think these parents need to take a reverse approach to their oversharing online, "here's all of Johnny's homework because he doesn’t work fast enough in class." "here's Johnny's C- report card, how stupid is he", "here's Johnny home early from school, he got sent home because he peed himself." Lets start publicly shaming these kids online, start the bullying young, I guarantee you Johnny is never going to fail spelling class again, that Facebook post is not going anywhere. 10 years from now when johnny starts liking girls, little Tiffany will go online and see that Johnny couldn't spell even when he was 5.

We do this to our pets all the time, my feed is filled with pictures of my dog falling on its ass, eating its on poop, etc. Time to start shaming our kids here.

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I like it so much, in fact you got an upvote!