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When You Hire People With Below Average IQ. . .

in funny •  2 months ago


This is what happens to your company when you hire people with the IQ level of monkey. . 🐒

Do you notice something wrong in the posted image??

It was a nice bonus for me when I went to fill up my tank of gas. . .

I guess Speedway is having a discount on “premium”.

ProTip: Always make sure your employees are familiar with the products you sell and their price-points, unless you don’t mind throwing away cash. .


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How dare you to insult monkeys like that?! :D
I think it's genius marketing campaign :)))


Delegators Thanksgiving Thursday it is! Thank you for delegating some SP to us, we have upvoted your post with 100%

yes.. happens all the time when you are the employer. Some people also don't flip burgers because of a high IQ.

Could be a language issue, that's how it is here in California, Mexico.
Once is often confused with eleven!