Easy math trick: Another Multiplying number trick.

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Multiply any number by any number of 9.
(for example, 36 x 99)
First of all, Count how much "9" available here and place that amount of "0" at the right side of the another number. In the example, there are two "9" available. So after 36, place 00, ;) then subtract the number from this new one. after subtracting it, we get the result (3600-36 = 3564)
Similarly, 243 X 99 = (24300-24) = 24276
5362 X 999 = (5362000-5362) = 5356638

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The world of mathematics is full of quirky coincidental neatness. It boggles the mind. Why can the sum of internal angles in polygons be reduced to a single digit of 9? The world seems to be riddled with those patterns of self-similarity? It never seems to amaze me that no matter how many of them you know already there is always someone that knows yet one more.

Well done.


Thanks for your comment. This post is for those who did not know about it. May be this kind of post help many of steemians.

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