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Kamoli was sent to deliver a live Christmas chicken in Lagos. On his way, a careless Okada man made him fall off and the chicken immediately ran off. When Kamoli saw the chicken running away, he started laughing and when asked why he was laughing, he said, "See this mumu chicken o, where does he know in Lagos, when the address is with me?
#042 I intentionally put my grandma's phone on silent, I told her to bring money to buy ringtone that her own has finished.
#oo1 Teacher wrote on the board,
36x + yx, 2/3yx + 3x (66y + 12x).b =0
He turned to Musa and said, "Solve the problem."
Musa picked the duster, cleaned the board and said,
"Problem solved!
😆😆😆... Some of our problems require such solutions. #new year
🤣🤣🤣.my friend is asking me if I have a thunder that am not using,i said bros who you wan kill?,he said his girlfriend just sent him happy new year today 11th of January because the Malaysian guys have gone back🤣🤣🤣🤣.hahahaha my brother this January hot ooo thank God e don finish them done pay some people saraly small money done dey imageupvote your boy perkyD @perky-d4
Wish you all a blissful November