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Question: "What do you feed your goats"

Farmer: "The black one or white one?"

Anchor: "The white one"

Farmer: "grass"

Anchor: "and the black one??"

Farmer: "I give her grass too" "I see" - anchor retorted.

Anchor: "Where do they sleep?"

Farmer: "which one, black or white??" Anchor is already getting upset.

Anchor: "white one"

Farmer: "outer room of the farm"

Anchor: "and the black one, where does she also sleep?"

Farmer: "also outer room of the farm"

Anchor in angry manner: "idiotic! you do the same thing to both then why do you ask every time white or black ?"

Farmer: "because white one is mine..."

Anchor: "and the black one?"

Farmer: "Its also mine! I can't think far"

The Anchor resigned.... But seriously, I would have loved to continue the interview... Whats do you think....

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Thank you for the good work. I'm following.

I'm laughing! This was good.

really funny ....

Given the inane interviews you hear from TV anchors I think the farmer should get the vacant position. Funny interview tho'.

That will be very interesting ... I would have preferred watching that particular TV stations IF the farmer get the vacant position..

och jag skratar bra interviu