Would you pay someone to do this for you?

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It seems that people will nowadays do anything for money. And the more desperate their situation, the more likely they will disregard morals, self- respect and standards. Believe it or not, there are people who make money from crying at funerals. They do not know the deceased, but they are pretty good at acting and pretend to be grieving for their loved one. For me, the ones making money out of this, and those paying them are equally disgraceful.


Look at number 5 😱

What do you think of this practice?

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Oh my god!Why do people need to hire other people to pretend to grieve?Isnt it pathetic?Quite sad even...

I have no idea, but it's sick and yes, pathetic is the right word! I can't imagine what possess them to do that

Haha demand and supply I guess. But trying to explain to people that you cry for a living might be weird lol

Exactly, it's demand and supply. Lol can you imagine how awkward that conversation would be?! 'Well, I am a professional crier/griever and I work as a freelancer.' Lol

Haha and what about the CV ? I cried in many famous peoples funeral. They said I made sure to keep them remembered through eternity With my tears 😭

😂 😂 @CV imagine that 😰