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Reputation 75.95, Steem Power 55300 SP, Followers 15k+

YESS!!! I finally made it 💪🏾...

A big THANK YOU to all my followers and upvoters,

Without you i wouldn't have achieved this much


Last night; just before i slept, i took a review down the history lane of some great steemians to my knowledge, including @nonameslefttouse @dreemit @acidyo @eveuncovered and some other great authors, they all shared similar charcteristics NO PAID VOTES(at least the few which i scrutinized on... All dropped😜quality shit 😜content without regards to the expected $$$ received.. of which most contents still give readers/viewers same level of satisfaction up to this moment...

a simple lesson gained and advice to all .. JUST BE YOURSELF, BE YOU, BE REALand DO whatever you like... Dont even try to impress or be too serious "professional".. we dont value professionals here, we LOVE shitheads, hahahahaha.....

And at that point in my sarcastic Heroic state just after reviewing i decided;
❌No more to bidbots and paid upvotes❌ ....
And then i slept...

few minutes later...
I opened my laptop and logged on to steemit..
Over 200 comments on my last post which was worth 100$+...
Followers has increased tremendously to about 15.4k
So, as usual i quickly replied to the new comments and upvoted as much as i could with VP value(3.67$)
impressed was I, with a big GRIN on my face..
Alas! i hit my long awaited target was HIT REP 75, 55k steempower and 15.k followers
It was a dream come true...

Beep Beep, Beep Beep

it was the mails...
Lots of newbies and publicity interview requests flocking in my mail..
Its a Nigerian, SIR how the f*ck did you make it on steemit?
then with a big smile i scheduled different meeting times with them all..
A loyal and Humble steemian as always..

Flash News: ETF GRANTED - BTC UP BY 170% , with steem appreciating into the top 20 alts with an immense increase of over 1500%(15$++)

It was everywhere,
The news headlines were up,
BBC, CNN, CNBC, Coindesk, BTCtalks,
The Bitcoin Revival, HODLgangz,Moonlambo was all hashtagged over the social medias..
And just when i took my phone, girlfriend called..

Baby, i just got the news BTC up and steem has grown so big, i checked through your wallet and figured out its heavy enough to cover my vacation trip to dubai, first class shopping, a new ride..... blah blah blah... and the list went on....

With all excitement i logged back into steem to check my wallet.
Woah a whooping 70,000steem($$$1.50Million) available at my disposal...
Wooo Hooo.... Moon to the Lambo, I screamed...
Quickly i withdraw 10k steem to fiat..
$150,000++ landed into my bank account...
spanked my baby's ASS and shouted

C'mon baby, whose your DADDY now

Then just at that point while i was in my HODLgangz state.
I felt a sudden pain on my butts and turned around.
EYES opened.
It was my f*cking girlfriend yelling

Shut the f*ck up BaBy

Who the hell are you talking to
Dont tell me you with a hooker in that dream of yours
Cause amma go in there and strangle the life outta her...
you..... this... that....

Oh No!!!! Please Dont wake me up....

Tears rolling down my eyes..
Someone please take me back to my dreams...
If that wasnt real then i dont wanna wake up...
Take me back to HODL land 😭😭😭😭
Cause am sick and tired of the red MarketCap

Tears still rolling down my eyes while writting this article.. cause we back to the 0.00cents aaaaargh aaaaargh aaaaargh
Someone please call 911 i think im fucking going to COMA...
klaus steem in.png

Nicholas Ilechie

klaus steem in.png

klaus steem in.png

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Some really great posts here bro, you're writing some of the best blogs on the platform right now IMHO! Now following with interest.

Woah thanks so much for the compliment... Its very much appreciated...
And thanks for the follow....

This is really great and nice motivate to other.

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cheers mate and thanks for stopping by
hope to see you some other time..

this was hilarious, love it! Lambos for everyone!


Here comes the princess...
Always at your service, My Lady...

And sure cant wait for the lambos....
Hope to start with the Huracan lambo..