Dont waste your time reading this SHIT!!! THE bears are upon us run for your LIFE

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Oh, No! its morning again

YaaY Someone excited... Its the WEEKEND
F*CK!!! Tabs opened, and the bears are pounding again
Could this all be a SHAM
PaPa warned me, Lord save my SOUL

YAAY!!! Another Time To Take Over The World


Missed the bitcoin train??
Buy our precious SHITCOIN
and price will skyrocket to 1000$ in 1month

Our coin is the fastest of all cryptos with the hash256 algorithm, an hybrid blend of Monero privacy, ripple speed, low supply for increased scarcity, mass adoption with partners with the biggest company on earth..

What are you waiting for????

Invest in our ICO now....
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Oh shit...

Now pinky just heard the news and all EXCITED

Pinky: Have you heard of the new KlausToken(INN)
Perky: No pinky
Pinky: Its next 1000X token, its super fast, and an hybrid... its this.. and that... so many youtube reviews.... its the best new shit perky
Perky: OH WOOW.... its another time to take over the WORLD Pinky... am going all IN>>>
Pinky: YES! YES!! Perky we will moon then the LAMBO
klaus steem in.png

LOL, hahahahaha who else missing 2017????....

Holy shit, i fucking do miss you baby,
Please come back to us 2017....
klaus steem in.png


Tabs opened and everywhere RED,
Like a bloodbath in the marketcap
OH No! the bears are upon us again
Bitcoin dominance increasing
Alts are dying
What the f*ck do we do??

SELL SELL SELL said Pinky the brains

Sell what??asked perky
Sell the Fcking RALLY and buy the Fcking DIP
OH bullshit pinky you've said that a thousand times, we bought the dip and it kept dipping
How deep could the dip be?
klaus steem in.png

Enough of the drama

Honestly am getting sick of the crypto market...
Today all hopes are high and tomorrow its been shattered with just one BIG RED CANDLE..
Market cap almost dropping back to 100billion and am like fucking scared..
Bitcoin has gained a whole lot of recognition and blockchain is approaching advanced and mass utilization.
One ought to expect the market gaining some good momentum but NO, instead its sinking down like the GREAT TITANIC...

Market manipulation

yes that could be the reason cause i think that the only thing that makes sense right now...

First it was the CHINA BAN
Then the FORK
Oh No its the FUTURES
We are mooning after Lightning
Nothing can stop us after REGULATION

NOW its the ETF????

ETF!!! Really??????

Holy crap am just so sick of the NEWS and coinmarketcap...

Someone please take me to HODL land where my soul may find peace

DISCLAIMER: at the time of writing this content, our intels reported the authors brain to have been missing, please be warned that the context of this content was written without thinkingis that even possible, it wouldnt make sense if you try to understand cause its just another shitpost that was meant to entertain you..


cause its gonna be a rough tide baby...

img src 1

klaus steem in.png
Nicholas Ilechie

klaus steem in.png


Markets are insane right now

Finally someone said the word...


Its just the best description

Steem is at 0.96$ :(

crazy isnt it going back to its 2year lows

I don’t even know how I came upon this post but it was quite entertaining 😁


That awkward moment when the sexiest lady you've always fantasized about.
Dropped by and left a comment...

Her Royal Highness.

I must confess
Its such an honor having you visit my blog and being entertained by it.

MAMA would be so proud of me......

Hahaha come on, I’m not that big of a deal, but thank you for the confidence boost! 😝🤗

Her Majesty

The best shit post I've ever read. Someone catched a falling knife 🔪😁

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Better dont let mama find out her kitchen knife's missing....


I'm still undecided which ones I find funnier:

the "it's the end of crypto we're all dead" bears
"we're the new kings I shit gold now" bulls

Lol lmao......

Its a crAzy time of history i guess....

I'm trying to count the number of dips i bought..

Oh No!! I lost count..

Too many dips.

I think i'd have had to go with

we are the new kings.....

But on a second thought..
We've been shitted already

Finally a Nigerian bros please help me oo.. I don't know how to use this steemit, I want to learn

Its easy...

Step 1. Dont think
Step 2.. Just write Dont think.
Step 3... Use Reds

we love shitposts down here..
Just make sure your shit is of high quality to have a good market value..

®best steemit advice™©2018

Well I did not do what you asked ... I'm here

A reversed psychology i guess..

Hope you enjoyed your time

Soy nueva en esto de las monedas electrónicas, ya puedes reír

Bienvenido a bordo señorita ...
Klaus a tu servicio ...
Confía en mí es un ecosistema divertido, cuanto más los entiendas, mucho más interesado estarás ...
Incluso podrías comenzar a soñar con ellos