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This can also cause chronic pain.


Ouch! Yep

Ha Ha so funny, good post i like

Ahahahaha! This comic is frickin awesome. When I clicked on your post i was not expecting to burst out laughing in public... You deserve a round of applause(starts clapping). upvoted for sure

lollipop at end put the icing on the cake for me......nice one made me laugh

this is very true...too much stress can literally turn into physical pain! followed and upvoted!

I love how spidey still has his mask on and not the rest of his costume. He sleeps in that bitch! Short, sweet, and funny! Love it. Following :)

Haha I literally LOL'ed with the, "With great power" line. Following you just off of spidey alone! The movie is going to be sick!

Man, this is hilarious!

would love to see him take the lollipop... lol


Good suggestion


Thanks I love the cartoons!

Very Good have a Spiderpop

LoOL spiderman looks like a 9 years old kid !!


you guys must check spoderman comics. It's hilarious

Anybody else a fan of it?


I'll check it out

Knowledge of the sad truth produces power and sadly the truth can be painful if you truly care. Poor Poor Spider Man.

But how many licks does it take to get to the center . .

What a nonchalantly ignorant and abrasive doctor!

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Look at his face ! Oh poor Spidey :( hhhhhhh

Oh poor Spidey :(

Haha Lol, poor ol spiderman!!! just look at the face of the poor fellow..good one indeed haha

HAHA. I suggest multiple isolation float tank sessions, and stay away from cell towers for a bit.


Could work

Funny and secretly true ;) upvoted and resteemed!

Door Spiderman, truely hope he overcome this :)

showed appreciation^^

Perhaps a personalized gown, it is spiderman what the flip.

Spidey with lollipop hahahaha.

giphy (1).gif

Love the comic, thanks for the post!

The Spider-man in the restaurant: Waitress! There's no Fly in my soup!

Very funny. LOL

LOL, so funny.

This was amazing, gave me a laugh on this depressing rainy day

That funny man Ty and follow back x)

thank you for good posting

Diagnosis, ignore the world's problems and your own pain will go away. Is this supposed to be my takeaway? Haha jk.

You made my night!! LOVE THIS!

Ah, good old Uncle Ben quote!

I like your work! Also I find dead followers site useful. I stumbled upon your logo in a bar so I mentioned you and sent people your way in my last post. Cheers!

good post @mynameisbrian i'm following you, please follow me and give me upvoted

Lol... now that's great pain alright hahahahaha

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