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you win an upvote and bamboo whale for this post.

If I had 2 SBD in my wallet at the moment, I'd send it to @randowhale for this post just for funnies.


Me too ;)


"If I had". Resonates with me.


I agree @brendio , we don't need Steemians performing witchhunts if we have a @randowhale ...

Never flag Bob.



Probably best to save them dv's for the colonel


Indeed! Fantabulous idea!

Done ! waiting for vote :)

Absolutely brilliant! I can think of a few who'd totally send 2SBD for a Rambowhale...

Keep 'em coming!

Hey RamboWhale can you help me? I need a favor and the guy is a jerk. 2sbd seems like a baragin. lol

Moral of the day: Don't mess with Bob, He ain't fucking around.


Yea. We probably have some Bobs here on Steemit.

This post received a 38% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @okean123! For more information, click here!

Laughing my head Off.

-Runs to check if @Rambowale is already taken- It is...


I'm following closely the whole RandOWhale vs RandoMWhale conundrum, so your joke made me laugh xD


And also it having a RamboWhale might come in handy ;)

hahaha this is great! Keep on doing what you're doing! followed!

lol, never flag me.


Wonder what the cumulative kill count from Rambo whale would be.

HaHa that was a good laugh for the day.

Love your comics keep them coming.


Just like the fanboy freak out like pronunciation of 'DOGE'

When you need to hire the big guns take 2 SBD and hire Rambowhale.

PS is it the same Bob as the one from Twin Peaks?


Never seen it


Then I urge you to watch it if you like a good series! Please do not skip the first 2 seasons of 20 years or so ago. Didn't see yet any episode from the 3rd series now on air, but the first two seasons gave the BEST series ever made to us IMHO.

Lol! The best laugh for today.

I'm new, whats a SBD?


SBD is steam bucks dollars. Posts you get rewards for become SBD, which can be used to acquire STEEM.


Ha, I should have known that lol Thanks

funnest thing i've seen today

Haha hilarious :D

haha funny

Plot twist: Bernie Sanders is Randomwhale.

Fun time hahahahha

Who laughs to pass in the end! :))))

hahaha I love it.

Funny. Thanks for the laugh.

haha funny...I think Minnows will soon run a campaign #changenameofrandowhale ;)

poor Kevin....

buahahah xD following you (y)

2 SBD to get sliced, bad deal, but that's pretty cheap for a crazed whale assassin on other posts.

I am thinking to open an account with ID "Rambowhale",
and wait someone to send me money.


Very nice, thank you for sharing this with us. Just send 2 SBD to randowhale, enjoy the vote :)

Don't think I wouldn't do this to you, just because.

Bob is so petty, I love it.

Lesson of the day. Never flag someone who is a friend of Rambowhale. You don't want to be what happened to Bob's friend. ;)

sent 2 sbd and made 4.50

LOL, can we use rambowhale to punish randomwhale? xD

Hahah! Funny stuff man! Keep up the good work of making people laugh :D

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Hilarious, and followed. 😂

So much to learn !

Brian you are amazing. :D


Cute! Keep it up!