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Lol! I love this. 😭

Good to see you back, @mynameisbrian. And with vengeance! :)

Good to see you again. Are you still working on mangosteem?


Not actively. The old design has many flaws which make it almost impossible for the project to evolve into a full fledged chat application. I have identified a design that solves this but of course it is substantially more complex to implement. Maybe in 2018 :)


You could use the power of development of @utopian-io :) there are good developers, and maybe I can contribute with something! A mobile app would be amazing.

awesome :D

I'm creating Bitcoin chlorophyll to prove you wrong

Nice Illustration @mynameisbrian.

BTC is king, others are just chips of the Old block.

Or in this case, branches. A branch can never be bigger than the Stem it originates from.

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Times are changing and they always will. 😊

This is hilarious, funniest post I’ve seen so far . Keep up the great vibes for your fellow steemians

LOL this needs to be marked nsfw as coworkers would not appreciate the laughing.....

hahaha let's be millionaires with BTC

it does now :P

I have seriously been thinking about how the data structure of a tree allows blockchain technology to operate! Great post :D

Another on the way.. Bitcoin God (GOD) will be forked off the main bitcoin chain will happen on 25th December.. Everyone can claim their GOD from major exchanges..!

Haha it does right now

now the time bitcon is dimon

Good one:)

Very funny photography with BTC. I like that bro 'thanks'

Very nice, and hodl that btc if you want all those branches that keep growing out ;)


My dad always told me it did, though.
If you grow the right tree it takes only three months or so to grow thousands of valuable greenbits. :p
Pigs like to gobble those trees though.

but bitcoin grows on digital trees (i mean blockchain) now

Hahahaha great comic!

Funny photo! Come check out my recently posted bitcoin meme!

Ha, this is great!

Nice post my dude, @OriginalWorks

Here in Canada, money used to grow on trees, since money is made of paper and paper comes from trees. However, Canadian bills are now made of polymer and we can no longer say that.

Something to think about.

Don't think about it too long. It's not that important.

Money grows on cannabis trees. Be careful of feral pigs theyll get them all

there are also apple, pear, and walnut trees.

money literally does grow on trees.

this cracked me up but brought up a thought about what if some one came and cut that tree at the base would everything else fall with BTC?