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This is a great comic, i enjoyed it and can not stop my self laughing and picturing the future when the thing you are describing in comic will come true and may we see all of this all around us along with many other imporovements in it might be. But the wuetion is are we gona learn something from this or not ?

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Have the Samsung Gear VR and its kinda awesome if you are scared of heights, insects etc it will get the heart going. Also, as advertised with the guy in the Y-fronts (only) experimented in VR video for a more mature audience and its freaky. Almost wish i was a teenager again. Very funny toon and i think is already coming sadly true.

Hmm, can I order one for me, I mean pre-order please


I think the pre-order release is already sold out.


Damm it 😱

I love that he's in his underpants! Nice touch.

I wonder if it will be true.
There was a pretty good movie out (can't remember the name) where everyone lived via an avatar/android that was a younger, better version of themselves.
They stayed home with their older bodies and connected into their avatar and left the house with that.
Very interesting...
Is this what we will become?


I saw that. Good movie, but I also can't recall the name.

Too lazy to Google it.


I wasn't sure what keywords to look for before but figured if I just described it Google would read my mind. haha

It did!

Surrogates is the name of the movie, with Bruce Willis. :)


i saw that on tv too haha, was a great movie tbh

HAHAHA. Nice. Haven't experienced VR much whatsoever, but I can totally see this (unfortunately) becoming reality.

Thanks for sharing!

Lol ... if the real person doesn't want you, you can make a robot that look exacty like him or her, to hug and AH AH AH every night ... lol

HAHA! Virtual dating without the date!

Wow, thanks for an awesome post !) intersting !)

LMFAO, sadly this will probably become true

Lol, you get me laughing today.

Hahaha Awesome! Feels closer every day.

perhaps... but not all of us will accept to go full #idiocracy lol :D


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I hear Japan is already in the future...

good vr comic strips. Don't forget about AR ;)

Tell me that this is inspired from Demolition Man's sex scene XD

your comic is awesome thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

In the future the only people breeding will be hipsters who are too cool for V.R.
"This the way ends, not with a whimper, but with an indy soundtrack."- Joseph Conrad

I can't wait for the future!

hahahah that was awesome

Upvoted because this post is funny! Lol.

Bloody hope not, cheers mike

I was really hoping in the future id have a robot wife

funny, funny, earned my upvote!

It's all fun and games until your robotic lover gets hacked by the Russians and bites your dick off!

Wait! I have an idea for POTUS.

I immediately loled to this. things are gonna get creppy.

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awww. funny yet tragic


Right? I couldn't agree more! :)

haha funny

I've upvoted your post but I don't know whether to laugh or cry. 😄😭

This is so true. Many relationships get started and end thanks to social media. The one thing that use to be private unless discussed has become the social norm to display on the internet. The flip side to this is the whole catfish concept where people pretend to be other people using attractive pictures of others to lure in people. Nowadays they have a tv show for everything including being catfish. Just have to be real careful on the dating scene nowadays. 👌🏾👍🏾👍🏾

lmfao too true

Haha! Spot on!

That was my seperation, just not as fun or easy!

LOL, this is not funny at all!! Just a reality!!!

Brian, your simple comic strips are quite amazing and get right to the point. Ad I pointed out in one of your other comics, this is what comic strips were meant for!

This is so true next is 3D 😂

I hope the future comes with vibrators attached to those things.

Really cool wee blog comics @mynameisbrian! Looking forward to seeing more in my feed. :)

Hope your day is going well buddy!

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brilliant!!! :D

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“You will never amount to anything” they said. – Well, I may not have achieved everything I want as yet, but I am still alive –and had you asked me 20 years ago if I would be able to see myself where I would stand now, the answer would most definitely have been NO. In fact, I don’t think I saw much for myself at all, in terms of “future prospects” – it was just not something that I thought about, sadly.

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