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Okay that's original! Haaa @steevc, "A tail's tale"


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A tale of a tail. Not a shaggy dog story


Ha, dogs and cats, daft as feck when it comes to their tails!

Nice to see one of your tales with a happy ending. 😉

Your short comic strips are very cool Brian!!! Keep doing them, no matter what feedback you get!! I'm a fan!!

What a mutt!

Haha. With cats it is even worse :-)

followed u and upvoted some post can u do that to for me pls :)

I wonder how many dogs have actually caught their tails...


probably around 32. that sounds about right.


I heard the answer to everything is 42. :D



"The answer 42, in ascii actually is an asterisk. An asterisk means 'Anything'."

ascii table

I thought it was a doggy pooper.
Thank Goodness it was just his tail :]

Some fun is needed in life

nice one :)

Lol didn't expect that :D