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New program from NSA. Code name "Alex - Infiltrate On The Ground". I hope I don't get caught leaking this secret. ;)

I thought the conclusion would be the guy taking off his destitute costume and being an agent.

Damn good :D

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Thanks for making me laugh I needed that. Lol

Very creative!

Super nice! Very nice to read, love comics

Not bad :)

Awesome comic! Definitely following your blog good work.

Followed, keep up the good content !

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Technically he would be considered a squatter. :)

WOW.. Satire at it's fullest. It's cute though.. thanks

I tried Alexa. It is like Amazon salesman at my home. Discard it now.

You know your farts are bad when they are visible.


Do you have a plan for making more in the future?

I only have fun if you give me a vote :)


really funny dear.

My Alexa has Tourettes. She's always blurting stuff out for no good reason. We have to whisper around her so the NSA doesn't hear us talking. Now with our Bitcoin stuff I wanna unplug her, but my hubby says I'm just paranoid. I'm thinking I should hire an Alex as well. Lots of homeless to choose from here in Honolulu.