15 More "Fascinating" "Facts"

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Shadows can’t form on foam.

There are no facts about frogs because there is no such animal. The myth began with frog legs, which like buffalo wings, are just chicken. Jim Henson created Kermit the Frog based on the humorous suggestion that frogs were a distinct animal, much as Lewis Carroll created the Mock Turtle.

Author Roahl Dahl last name is short for Dahlnarwebelfussel.

The word "hello" is a portmanteau of Helium and Jello, the traditional British greeting gifts

Bow ties were invented out of necessity when King George III's necktie was caught in a blender just before his coronation

Ladders always have an even number of rungs. A ladder with an odd number of rungs is called an Anti-Ladder.

The punchline was invented in 1955, before then most jokes were not meant to be funny.

Never buy used blankets. Used blankets often have scratches and are prone to skipping, or may not cover you at all.

Hawks are the only birds that can fly without wings. They have wings and use them to fly but they can fly just fine without them.

smartwater® has an IQ of 171.

Most toenail clippings form a perfect geometric crescent, and can be used to measure longitude.

There’s a suspension bridge in Chile held up exclusively by common sewing string.

Hair is an illusion.

MIA’s popular song “Paper Planes” is actually a cover, the original was sung by Frank Sinatra for the film Gattaca.

Water was once thought to have been composed of oxygen and hydrogen. Of course we now know that it is the blood of sand.

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