15 More "Fascinating" "Facts"

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  1. The American street slang “You dig me, dawg?” was first coined when a US tourist overheard a conversation between a hole and a labrador whilst walking through Hyde Park.
  2. Turnips cover 50% of the land area in Sweden, followed by dried herring (14%) and saunas (6%).
  3. Tightrope walkers are often poor of hearing, this is because the part of the inner ear that controls balance becomes engorged and drowns out actual sound.
  4. The Olympic game of discus started off as a way to quickly deliver food to spectators.

  5. The piano-based term “to tickle the ivories” means a very different thing in elephant circles.
  6. Horror films tend not to do as well in the box office. This is due to global cultural differences in the perception of what is deemed to be frightening. Here in New Zealand, chainsaws and ghosts are labelled scary. In France, a long working week is terrifying, whereas in Brazil paying tax is as harrowing as mass slaughter.
  7. Never admit you have a stomach ache to a police officer in the US. Stomachs are technically illegal in most states and they will prosecute you.
  8. The pretzel was invented by mistake after two burglars attempted to tie a chef up with his own dough.
  9. All train stations in Auckland, New Zealand have been blessed by local priests in the hopes of averting the ancient biblical prophecy that the antichrist will be conceived on a train from Ranui to Britomart

  10. Mushrooms cannot be eaten uncooked. Lucky they cook naturally at a temperature of only 7 degrees, making most mushrooms naturally cooked before they are harvested.
  11. There was a 5th Tellytubby named Tipsy. Tipsy unfortunately died of liver cirrhosis only months before they made it famous.
  12. The first Nintendo Game Boy weighed 37kg, and was an actual boy.
  13. Bill Clinton wore a wig for his entire presidency to hide his flowing blonde locks, for which he feared he’d never be taken seriously
  14. Underwear is so called because traditionally it’s not as good as normal wear, and far less superior than overwear. People often wear underwear for dirty menial tasks such as painting and gardening.

  15. Snakes shed skin with the help of a lubricant called “Snaqueline”. Snaqueline is also present on the surface of the human eyeball. It is this fact which coined the phrase “to keep your eyes peeled”.
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Yes, it indeed facinating dawg!
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The 1st one is amazing.