15 More "Fascinating" "Facts"

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  1. Kelsey Grammer’s face is printed on the currency of 3 different countries, more than any other Cheers cast member.
  2. According to the Magna Carta, the king is not allowed to eat Chinese Food.
  3. Mt Everest is above the elevation at which snow can form. The white you see towards the summit is actually chalk. Everest is made from chalk.
  4. The motions of the Macarena, when translated into Russian sign language, offer directions to Moscow’s main STD clinic.

  5. The noise you hear when you put a shell to your ear is in fact the haunted souls of soles.
  6. Shaving your face is detrimental to your health. The human beard is actually part of the immune system, and without it we are 300% more susceptible to infections.
  7. The home button on your laptop will not work if you are staying in a hotel, motel or campsite.
  8. Birds can send tweets by simply speaking normally. Their messages are also limited to 140 characters, which is why they don’t go on long rants, or engage in complex discussion.
  9. The ocean is really only 14% water. The rest is dolphin spit and sailor wee.

  10. The Beatles real names were Harold, Graham, Stuart and Ringo. They all changed their names to those of saints, except Ringo, who was already named after the patron saint of cheese.
  11. The first soap opera was performed over 700 years ago in a field near Nicomedia, Turkey, from which the Ottoman Dynasty originated. The regime’s name was later shortened to Dynasty and the set was relocated to Denver, Colorado.
  12. Ignoring someone on Facebook makes them invisible to you in real life. This is the origin of ghost stories.

  13. The people of Slovenia are the highest consumers of KY in the world. KYle is the most popular male name, KYlie the most popular female name, they are known as Slippery Slovenes, and their capital is Ljubljana (pronounced Lube-ly-ahna)
  14. Many dogs can smell fear, but only the Chihuahua can taste, eat and digest it.
  15. The screen on an ipad contains more bacteria than a 20ft shipping container filled with ostrich faeces.
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