15 More "Fascinating" "Facts"

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I think we all need a bit of a laugh after the pandemonium of the last few days, so here's the latest offering in my "Fascinating" "Facts" series. Enjoy!

  1. Nuclear power is nothing about atomic science, it’s more about nuclears overcoming hardships and doing it for themselves.
  2. The oboe is capable of making noises only cats can hear. Mozart even wrote two concertos especially for cats based on this.
  3. American Rapper Eminem has to perform under specially designed cool lighting so he doesn’t melt whilst on stage.
  4. Mime artists draw with invisible ink.

  5. For a brief time during the 1950s Capetown wore an actual cape.
  6. Tom Hanks agreed to become the voice of Woody from Toy Story in exchange for a lifetime supply of penguin meat
  7. Cats can smell you singing.
  8. Steven Seagal invented marbles. It was originally played with the eyes of his enemies.

  9. The Welsh language originated as a textspeak version of Hebrew. Hence the lack of vowels.
  10. Oil of Olay will make your skin glow hot pink under black light
  11. Tigers are the only edible cat
  12. Andre the Giant used to hand out peanuts to any fans who quoted The Princess Bride. Today they sell for thousands on E-Bay
  13. The technology to recycle hasn’t actually been invented yet. Recycling plants merely stockpile plastics, and are entirely funded by venture capitalists hoping to cash in on future technology

  14. To make horns deadlier, most bison and bulls rub the tips on poison ivy
  15. You can tell if custard is ready to be eaten. Simply throw it against the wall. If it sticks it’s good.
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Bloody Fascinating alright! Poor Eminem!


Nice photo, Dave. What are you smiling at?