15 More "Fascinating" "Facts" - 21 Feb 2018

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Algae creates 95% of the Earth's air, 75% of the Earth's water and 25% of the Earth's fire

Leather hasn’t come from cow skin in decades. Most leather produced now is instead made from manatee retinas.

Over 15,000 people a year die from glasses radiation. Most people who wear glasses aren’t even aware that they’re radioactive.

Gravy was invented to be an insulation material. It was only discovered to be edible 13 years after its invention.

The hook to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” sounds like gibberish but it is in fact an ancient Sumerian spell for summoning the storm demon Pazuzu.

"Bergman's Cat" is a distinct breed of cat that can turn its head 180 degrees. It also has feathers and can fly. Alsi it's not a cat, but an owl.

The proper plural of “Squid” is “Squeed.“

A piccolo is an oboe that's been soaked in brine.

By 2 months the human embryo is the exact same size and taste as an artichoke

Elephant's skin is 14 inches thick. Beneath it an elephant is only the same size as a horse

The llama is the only animal to have a double-L in its name.

Until the 1700s, most Europeans believed that triangles were a creation of the devil.

Ballet was originally considered a sport rather than an art. It was in the Olympics until 1940, when it was replaced by boxing.

The human tongue not only extends back deep into the throat, but down the entire esophagus, out the stomach and well into the left leg.

If you look at a slice of bread closely, you can see that it’s full of tiny holes. These are the bread’s ears. It can hear you.

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Look around you. Facts are everywhere.

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