15 More "Fascinating" Facts" - 2 Feb 2018

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Medieval armor usually has spines on the inside to dig into the knight’s skin, making them angry for battle.

Europe was named for the Goddess “Europa,” who was the goddess of naming continents after herself.

The balls in ball pits are naturally occurring, they appear overnight when pits are built.

Most seeds cannot grow without water, but orange seeds can grow in either water or blood, the latter making blood oranges.

Flat paper was invented specifically for printers. Before the mechanical need for flatness, paper was generally forged in the shape of a bugle.

Parrots can repeat nearly any phrase they are taught, but cannot repeat most recent songs due to copywrite issues

Escalators were invented before stairs, The first stairs were called stillcalators.

Bishops are named after the character "Bishop" in Aliens, Pope John Paul II's favourite film

The largest library in Paris has no doors. No person has entered, or left, since its completion in 1877

The number 9 was not invented until 1818, when mathmaticians realised they would need to describe the upcoming year

Nasal hair is a vital part of your immune system. If you were to pluck all of your nose hair you'd have less than one week to live.

A piccolo is an oboe that's been soaked in brine

From 1774 until 1792 the US Senate began all sessions with a human sacrifice

Every squiggly line, no matter how it’s drawn, will have curves adding up to exactly 270 degrees.

Though hummingbirds are far smaller than eagles, they are the eagle’s only natural predator, and a single hummingbird can eat up to five eagles per day.

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Nice lateral thinking, and odd ball humour @mrechang thanks for sharing!

Quick Q, if Europa is the goddess of naming continents after herself, Is Sophia the artificial intelligence goddess of being so Sophisticated she cannot understand her own wisdom?😊