15 More "Fascinating" "Facts" - 13 Feb 2018

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Boats are incapable of floating on their own. They need a device similar to a life-jacket to stay above water

Steel wool is incredibly hard to shear from steel sheep, due to its steely nature

Poseidon never actually owned a trident, but rather it was an extra large fork which he used to eat his favourite dish - asparagus.

The modern letter "Z" is actually an extremely simplified version of its original - a 83 stroke character, similar in looks to famous actor Dustin Hoffman

2017 was the first year in almost a century not to have a full moon

A single fully grown potato tree can produce up to 7000 potatoes in any one year

The balls in ball pits are naturally occurring, they appear overnight when pits are built.

Ancient fur coats were not made with animal fur. This was only a recent invention when synthetic fur became scarce.

Most wolves cannot bite, and must rely on the queen wolf to chew their food and regurgitate it into their mouths.

When laid, chicken eggs are covered in protective thorns that have to be sandblasted off.

Whipped cream and shaving cream share 98% of their DNA

Despite the date having come and gone, there are still many who claim the world will end in the year 2012.

A snail's brain is located in its hands

Carrots are rich in Vitamin R7, a vitamin whose only known purpose is to taste like carrot.

Salad dressing was invented by Emily Post to preserve the modesty of salad, which could not appear nude in Victorian society

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