Grocery/Shopping Cart Etiquette | Put That Cart Away

in funny •  5 months ago

Hello DTube and Steemians!

In this vlog episode, I will be discussing Grocery Cart/Shopping Cart etiquette. Now I know probably all of you have very good shopping cart etiquette and would never leave your cart in the middle of a parking space, but for those few out there in the DTube and Steemit world that need a little coaching, this video is for you. haha :). Please comment down below if you have run into similar situations during your shopping adventures.

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The video is my original content and owned by me, the shopping car icon used in the thumbnail came from Pixabay. The background image with the parking lot and cart were taken by me, on my Iphone 5s.

I used a Canon 70D DSLR and a 50mm 1.4 lens with a Rode VideoPro Mic to film. :)

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We didn't upload this video (movie) or have anything to do with making it. We just thought it was awsome and thought you should check it out if you haven't seen it. Oh yeah we followed you and subscribed @mrchef111 IMG_0530.png


hahaha cool thanks!

This is so common here, especially during the cold winter. I always put my cart away, but I try to park close to a cart return when possible. I’ll say some stores should place more cart returns in their parking lot.


I am happy you practice good shopping cart etiquette. lol :) I am willing to bet even if the parking lots had more cart returns, there would still be lazy people that would leave there cars anywhere and everywhere. haha