Is the new AirPods worth buying? Let’s first take a look at the user’s evaluation of it.

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Apple introduced the new AirPods last week, but it is not called the second generation, but the name of the first generation, still called AirPods. I believe that many small partners can't wait to place orders, and many people are tangled. Is it the first generation to buy new models or buy more affordable ones? Now many technology websites and well-known bloggers have released new evaluations. Is it worth upgrading? Let's first see what others say!

The new AirPods have barely changed in appearance. The black version of the rumor has not appeared. The only change in appearance is that the LED on the charging box has been changed from the inside to the outside, allowing the user to clearly see the wireless charging. Case. The biggest change in the internal headphones is replaced by a new generation of H1 chips.

The evaluation of the comprehensive foreign media, the most intuitive improvement is the connection speed. According to the TechRadar website, the speed at which the headset is paired with the phone is significantly faster. As soon as the charging box is opened, the iPhone will pop up a link notification for AirPods. According to Apple's official data, the device switching speed is 2 times higher than the previous generation, and the call connection speed is 1.5 times, and the surrounding noise can be reduced, and the sound delay occurring in the game is reduced by 30%.

In addition, the H1 chip began to support the "Hey Siri" function, which is not available in a generation of headphones. Foreign media generally gave a high evaluation of this. The AppleInsider website said that it can be dispelled once it is used. It is very convenient to communicate directly with Siri with headphones, which is beyond the original imagination. It can be used to answer calls, adjust the volume, and eliminate the need to manually click on AirPods.

As for the sound quality part, there are different opinions. AppleInsider said that the sound quality after the adjustment has been improved. MacRumors counts the comments of netizens, and most believe that there is no significant improvement in sound quality. The TechRadar review writes that the sound quality of the original AirPods is almost the same, the IF vocals, guitar and piano perform well, and the low-frequency effects are not so good.

Marques Brownlee, a well-known foreign technology commentator, said that instead of the second-generation AirPods 2, it is better to call it the version update, mainly because the upgrade is quite conservative and lacks more innovations and changes. It is an upgrade based on the old model.

In summary, if you need Hey Siri functionality or are dissatisfied with AirPods' pairing speed, the new AirPods are worth upgrading and have better endurance.

If you just want a normal wireless headset, you can consider buying the first generation of AirPods, which is cheaper than the new one, and if you need a wireless charging box, you can also buy one separately (the official website price is ¥679, which is not necessary).