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Also Called Capitalism

The conversation about the evils capitalism just keep popping up all over the place, as Mugatu would say, It's so hot right now.

Only it's not, it is a straw man based on the misrepresented meaning of what capitalism fundamentally is. The most basic explanation is that of the voluntary exchange between two willing individuals. People seem to struggle with the idea that the word profit shows up in the definition, and all it means here is for the benefit of both parties in the transaction. Somehow doing something for profit is now considered a moral evil, and these are the worst kinds of people who exist in the world. The intention or reason why it is being done has nothing to do with it, but it is there because the free market allows for greed, it basically factors it in. The only reason for barter and trade is to make a profit, if you only had to cover your costs no one would ever be able to live. You have to make a profit and fortunately some companies make much more profit than others, and yes a lot of these people hoard their wealth. This is one of the main reasons why capitalism gets a bad rap, because people make lot and lot of money, and then they don't share their money. That's the one part many people who are against capitalism seem to forget, "their" money, and profit is the fruit of their labor, their risk, and their idea. No one is entitled to that profit no matter how much it is, taking any of it or forcing that it be redistributed to those who don't have it theft.

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"Capitalism invariably boils down to barter between two willing parties, neither of whom uses force to work with the other." - Ben Shapiro

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What gets lost on most is when governments get involved. If governments had limited power to not be able to not make laws that favor a particular company we would not have most of the issues we have today. When the government steps in and dictates or subsidizes things it is no longer a free market, it then becomes a form of crony socialism or communism. The voluntary exchange has been removed, and you now have to use the the company or you have to buy a product that you government forces you to buy. This is what happens when governments nationalize industry or force people to buy healthcare, when they get involved in forcing banks to provide student load or mortgage loans to people.

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." - Ron Paul

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You're either laughing or you're learning.

Join me tomorrow for more lessons on these really easy to understand concepts.

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Thanks for popping in, hope you liked the post. Please leave me your thoughts and or opinions in the comments below, have a beautiful day.

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Nice post, perception is a key also. If we make a profit, we can buy food. Wait, eating is evil!! 😂

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