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Thanks, guys I'm Happy you like the video

It will be really funny when they catch this guy.


yes that is great funny
i appreciate that

very funny video.tanks for sharing us

this is great funny post..

funny video always pleasure
carry on

very nice video...
carry on please...

very nice video...

Exceptional cruelty. My stomach pains laugh


cool happy that you enjoy i invested some money to make this more visible :) happy for the positive feedback

This great funny, i appreciate your video. keep it up dear friend

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this great video thanks for sharing this dtube

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yeah I think it's funny ^^

clearly it's staged but still funny..they should do a part 2 where he is caught and punished by everyone he provoked.


That will be a good video to watch :))

World most funniest ever.. 😂😂..


very good publication friend I like you, you have a new follower greetings

That guy needs his ass severely kicked!!

thanks for sharing your friends @modemser, very entertaining. friend.

Hilarious! You have shown that "talent" comes in many forms.

The guy is just being a dick

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