All aboard the Synereo Ship!

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My response to all this drama and FUD...

Disclaimer: Upon getting accidentally flagged on this post, I've realized that this video might come of to some as "mocking Steemit", what it's not, It servers to prove people in hopefully a humoristic way that whales powering down isn't anything bad. It serves the purpose to redistribute steem more (leave place for new whales to rise), lower the price (again more whales, lower prices, more people will invest), fund Steemit projects (mostly) and of course to pay bills, buy something etc...


Yes...i will power down. And I have already spent a very large sum to help build things that others on steem will get to use for free (open source).

How evil of me!

Oh yeah, powering down is very bad, whales use it to "bail out"...

Your so evil! hahahhahaa

If only people knew how much many of the whales I know really do care about this platform, and how busy we are trying to get solutions built...i think many of the minnows would rally to their support.

People are just ignorant and don't wanna inform, complaining is easy, going and doing actually something is "hard"... :/

That dance tho, Hot Pireeeeee!!

Very funny..... nice one bro.

ahhh... and I understand the Russian version too. :D
had a good laugh, thanks!

Ah the dancing at the end, hilarious!

that was hilarious hahah

Like it, funny. Follow you now.


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