Mighty Blueberry Show - Episode 3 (7 Questions)

in #funny4 years ago

Welcome to the Mighty Blueberry Show. In Episode 3 Mighty Blueberry wrestles with another 7 gruelling questions. He desperately wants to get his stupid warped perspective across to the world.
Here are his 7 questions for this show:

  1. What is your favourite film?
  2. Who is your favourite Star Wars character?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
  5. Who is your favourite female singer?
  6. Do you believe in communism?
  7. Who is your least favourite blogger on Steemit?

If you have any questions you would like to ask Mighty Blueberry just plop them in the comments section. He has a preference for the ridiculous.

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I always follow your post everything is good if any time visit my blog @mamaathiyya

Wow, then maybe you are just as crazy as I am.

haha very funny. i loved it. thanks for sharing this brother :)

brings no greater pleasure.

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Wow!! What a creative mind you've ghat especially your costume (lol) .. Nice one bro, love this

I'm just trying to find my identity.

Haha your dtube always full with fun

It's got to be about having fun.

Dude you might actually be even stranger than me.What in the world are you doing i that blue costume. Whatever it is, it looks like fun. Keep it going and I will watch more episodes.

I'm trying to use my insanity in my favour. It's working well so far.

I love it. Stay insane in the way that you are my friend. All the best to you.

Bleugh, bleugh, bleugh, ............., and bleugh.

That's wonderful. Now pull yourself together.

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Gremlins rule, you Blueberry fool!

Is the world round like you or flat like a blueberry pancake?

The world is whatever you want it to be, flat, round, square, triangle, octagon,etc, ..., blah and yeah.

Gremlins truly make the world a better place.

hello guys thi is amazing wwe fight with must watch

Oh wow, a video.

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