Mighty Blueberry Show - Episode 5 (Cooking with Blueberry)

in #funny4 years ago

Welcome to the Mighty Blueberry Show. In Episode 5 Mighty Blueberry will take a break from answering questions to put on an amazing cooking demonstration. When I say amazing, I really mean completely stupid. Don’t worry Blueberry generally stays away from the kitchen so you will not have to endure too many of these sad displays of ineptitude.

If you have any cooking requests, please leave them elsewhere. This fool may actually try and fulfil your request and end up destroying appliances. Sure, they might be cheap appliances but I still need them to make my dinner.

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It's funny when the whole kitchen is in blueberries or black currants. So still and not wash!

My whole life is about blueberries. I don't know any blackcurrants.

If you had brazilian pornstars presenting kinder surprise toys, you would earn millions, MILLIONS

That's an idea. I will think it over.

Great video 👍🏿 Keep up the good work

It's always a pleasure

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