Top 10 Reasons Mr. Krabs Should Be Arrested

in funny •  2 months ago

I love this cartoons and I love SpongeBob because he is a very loyal employee to Mr., Krabs and he will do everything that Mr. Krabs tell him. Mr. Krabs is a very business minded, he only cares for his business and he loves money more than his employee and he let his employee works 24/7 so he can get lots of money. This cartoons are really funny and this is one of my favorite cartoons and SpongeBob, Mr. Krab, Patrick and Squidword are very funny. Every time I watch this cartoons I always laugh specially when SpongeBob's laugh it is very funny and very contagious the way SpongeBob laugh. Mr. Krab shpuld be arrested, lol.

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I am also like cartoon

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