When animals fail ---- I laughed so hard making this ---- Smile. It makes you feel great!

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These don't need a leadup. Just a bunch of random hilarious animal fails that I've found over time! I laughed out loud making this so many times.


When Dogs Fail HARD!

And then just looks at the camera like nothing happened...

Not just stealthy, but nimble too!

"What the f*ck did you just say to me?"

Lesson learned...

not easily though

I'm not sure why this is under the "fail" column.
This just looks like a solid "win-win" situation to me.

"Oh nuts!...I missed again.

If I had a dollar for every time I was part of a conga line orgy in public....

Nope, your prostate looks all fine to me!

It looks like a little walrus started growing legs, and then just stopped...

Holds form perfectly so as not to ruin picture

Well this monkey is just an a$$hole

And this segway's (spelling on that, please) perfectly into the next segment...

When animals say "F*ck it", and just quit

He's just enjoying the telescopic view

The cat actually died....jk
.....he was already dead when they stuffed him in there!

Fail...or just comfortable?

Seems like he's just too lazy to stop!

A solid mix of random and funny

Even the cow thought this was hilarious

"That's not my nipple"

"What did you say?"

"Nothing...keep going"

Total yardsale!

A win for the animals though!

This thing does not have the mental capacity to solve this problem

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I do the humor!

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