this(post) = [(humor + factual) ^ entertainment] * it's always sunny in Philadelphia

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Oh, Hello!

...cue the start, please..and thank you!

Getting the saddest stuff out of the way firstly!

This is like having a sex doll for your emotions

Many women use this after masterbation

So much better than cutting a hole in a watermelon

The smile on the hands face is to disguise how creeped out the hand truly is to have been made

...bye bye, Jerry...

As I'm making this at 2:06 am.

I assume she's more than happy to explain her son's name to anyone that will listen!

"She had no lips...
but her mouth was still very much in play."

- Frank Reynolds

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Good ol' Philly. Great town. Great show.
The scene with Dee as a drunken leprechaun is classic. I couldn't breathe when I first saw that. Good taste, mate.


Thanks. I'm glad their still pumping out seasons. So many good lines to repeat..

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