Relationship OF Brother and sister #comedy open mic round 15

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Relationship of brother and sisters are very important. Now days the relationship between them are really funny.

Sometimes they fight, play and study together but in between these things only fun created and remembered for the long.

We are also one of them. My mother was always support to my sister and punished me for no reason.

One day I planned to learn a lesson to her. My mother was loved to clean rooms. I and my sister didn't like it.

Eventually my mother went to my sister's room and see that her room was very dirty. My mother was very angry on her and punished her.
I was listening these things through the door. In between these things
"I went to my room and clean it before my mother and sister came to my room"

My sister tell that my room is also very dull.

So they both came to check my room but it was too clean. My sister was soft soft my sister shocked. My mother was too happy and gave me bless. She was again angry on her for lied. I was laughing like a mad man because my mother two times punished my sister.

This was fun moment but seriously I loved her and never want to hurt her.
I really thanks to god for giving me such pure soul sister to me.

I would like to nominate @take5 and @thevillain to participate in this mega event.


I have an obnoxious sibling who derives pleasure in getting me into trouble. My sister was the ultimate snitch but alas, all my attempts to give her up for adoption were rebuffed by our parents so I had to "love" her


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