Hide and seek comedy open mike entry #1

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Hello friends I want to share my real life incident .

It was around 14 years ago when I was a kid.

Me and my friend went to a garden that was around 3 km away from our home.

After spending 1 to 2 hrs . Now we were ready came to back. On the road we saw a tractor which was going through our home. So we want to lift but he didn't stop. We decided to hang on backside of that tractor -trolly and we did it. The driver saw us. He speed up the tractor so we couldn't manage on that tractor and fall down.

My friend was absolutely right but I got little injury on lips. So my lips was swelling around my mouth. I didn't want to show off my self in this condition. So I was hide in a place. Every one started to searching for me. At the end I was found, my father said me to came with him. I agreed and my bad time was started.
Everyone laughed every-time when they saw my lips, I was irritating that time but I didn't know what will happened with me. After some time my father came into my room and they kick me 5 to 6 times and said that tractor driver was my friend and he told me what you did.

My sisters and brothers again started laughing ... I was its ok and this was my bad time so suddenly I started laughing too ...

I want to nominate @thevillain and @dj123


Well shit, that's some traumatic experience though. Don't let PTSD slow you down, jumping on moving tractors will soon be an Olympic sport

That's what we call a "fat lip." Funny story though taking a big risk like that.
Sorry you got kicked by your dad though, not nice!

Well now you know better.

Aww, sorry to hear you got injured, but I’m sure you’ll find more fun adventures to tell us about!