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Religion is a mental illness. Want proof? Check the news networks today.


Here's the defense:

Alt right religious nutjobs: it's okay because Mary was just a teenager and Joseph was a grown man. He was an adult. it's in the BIBLE!

Me: Oooh okay. Thanks for clearing that up. I must have missed that part of the Bible where the VIRGIN was molested by a child toucher she wasn't married to.

Furthermore, Moore is a member of the Machine, a notorious Skull and Bones type secret society. Maybe that's why liberals are trying to destroy him over this. Secret societies have no place in a free and open society. Who said that!? If you do some research, Bohemian Grove (also known as the young Republicans club) for example. They want young blood. Virgins! It's SICK & DEPRAVED! While I am not a liberal I do support the movement to destroy pedophiles and child molesters. Whether it's in Hollywood, politics or the White House.


Those who forget the past...

And if I can go off topic for a moment (LOL) this patriotic Christian conservatism NONSENSE is so ass backwards they don't even know our history. Our Founders were Deists not Christians. Read that again. They believed in a Creator - a supreme being who created everything and was not involved in our day to day lives. That's why there is no mention of Jesus or Christianity in the Constitution and Bill of Rights or even the Declaration of Independence. It was the Age of Enlightenment. They were learned men who believed GOD GAVE US REASON NOT RELIGION.

Smoke that! 😃


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