ZERO BUSH NEWS !.... Kamala 'head board' Harris promotes population reduction, and denies sleeping with Freud.

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Vice President Kamala Harris, in a recent speech , suggested that one of the goals of investing in clean energy is population reduction.

Miss Head board Harris enjoys a moment with the audience when testing the microphones, saying 'it's been a long time since I've only had two thrust in front of my mouth at the same time'

In the speech, She said, "When pretend President Joe Biden and I usurped the office, we set an ambiguous, er...ambitious goal … to cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and to reach net-zero emissions by 2050," , at Coppin State University in Baltimore on Friday.

"When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles, our favorite toys be recharged upto 'max pleasure' without environmental concerns, and if a replacement is needed due to overuse, the delivery for a new one (or two , she cackled), is brought to my home with a clean energy vehicle, and very possibly by a hot young man".
She went onto say, " ...And we can also reduce population, so more of our children that we no longer have, can breathe clean air and drink clean water, if they were alive."

According to the official transcript, the 58-year-old Vice President meant to say 'pollution,' not 'population' , but insiders at the white substance house have informed us that this correction was actually incorrect also, saying that, 'she meant to say, 'reduced prostitution, so more of our children can breathe clean air, and drink clean water, as crack houses never provide these amenities'

Miss Harris said that the crack houses were no place for children, so unless they were paid for in full, and in advance, should not be let anywhere near them.

Miss Harris seen leaving the white powder house with a recent purchase...
(the mask! - get yer head out of the gutter).

...Ms. Harris spoke at the event to address the Environmental Protection Agency’s $20 billion investment grift program across two grant competitions under the Biden administration’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund that aims to pretend to spark clean energy investments across the country while lining the pockets of all his pretend friends.

After clips of Ms. Harris’s verbal miscue emerged online, social media users and a number of Republican figures seized on the error, to suggest the Biden administration was publicly calling to reduce the population in the United States.

Responding to Ms. Harris’ verbal slip-up in a Twitter post, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) asked the vice president what exactly she meant by reducing the population because for some inexplicable reason, (but mostly to virtue signal her moral superiority for extra votes), she did'n't think she was clear enough already.

When Head banger Harris was questioned further about the statement, suggesting to her that it was a Freudian slip, the responded angrily by saying 'Freud did not slip anything in' and that she'd never even met the man, pointing out that she has no photo's to prove it."

She then said that she would clarify her position once more, but was always open to suggestions for other, different, positions.

Miss Kamala Harris, who is as intelligent as she is beautiful, then cleared up any confusion by stating:

" We will never get our greenhouse gases under control without strict policies on climax change. While the bonus hole is not responsible for over 70% of methane in the atmosphere, for some of us it is a real issue - one that confronts lots of women today who's had more pork sausage over the years than even a pretend vegan has.
She added, "Climax change starts at home, or motel, or wherever it is you happen to be that night, and that starts with responsible faking... It's not so difficult, once you get used to it, I've been doing it for years..."

Miss Harris then went on to tell reporters of her upcoming speech to women, about how to reduce green house gas emissions from the bonus hole.
"It all starts with educating women when they're young and showing them that by starting early enough, and with enough passion for eating as much pork sausage as is humanly possible , by the time you reach your late twenties, fanny farts will no longer be an issue".

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YOU... are the carbon they wish to reduce.

Camel-a has never met a man she didn't accidentally fall on top of.

And Tesla isn't making enough cars for everyone to have an electric vehicle. There is only one way for everyone to go green and drive an electric car.

Reduce the population prostitutes until there is an electric vehicle for everyone.

I'm not carbon, according to all the names I get called - so I'm excluded.

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