How NOT to be a total wanker....or how to be, whichever -it's all good.

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Never.... I repeat NEVER , remind them that this was an opt-in psychological operation, and that they fell for it, hook line, and sinker.
That would be bad, and signify to the collective that you are indeed, a wanker.
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If you continue with the mocking of the chemical soup injection enthusiast, you will then become an uber wanker - but this has it's merits.
Droning on and on about their gullibility, will no doubt drawing the mob ire onto you - If you can manage to avoid the mob for long enough, you will no doubt see a thinning in their numbers, which can be attributed to the rage they feel by being constantly reminded of their stupidity.
This rage will, if applied over a long period of time, increase their blood flow dramatically - which may, in turn, cause all kinds of different death experiences for them.

Here's some handy tools to help facilitate and increase the pleasure of mockery, if that's your thing...

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Remember, this meme is best used in a repetitive fashion.
It' important to keep referring back to it while in conversation with the same question , over and over :
"Tell me again, which one is you ? "

It might take some time to get a reaction, but when you do, it might very well be of the heart exploding material ! (make sure to keep to the social distancing rules, with this one to avoid splatter).

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The meme is especially good on people with deep intellectual insecurity (the midwit).
While many chemical soup enthusiasts took the jab from fear, the midwit will defend it as a choice made through an intellectual process ( bless).
Rationalization is crucial for this type of dupe if they're to ever avoid the worst of all situations , which is to admit that they were wrong.
They'll happily sacrifice all their children to the graphene nano technology, if it means that they can avoid being seen as 'incorrect'.
...Hell, they'd sacrifice the whole of humanity itself, just to keep their uber fragile ego intact.

The midwit credo:

'Better to be all alone in the world and to not be called out as being stupid, rather than sharing it with any other people that do know I'm stupid'.

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These two memes are good used together when mocking an individual that knows absolutely fuck all about history, but think they're intelligent.
NOTE:....When pointing out that their actions are not even close to a smart, well trained dog - prepare for embolisms on a massive scale.

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Care is needed if you decide to use this meme as it's not , strictly speaking, correct.
John is actually 32 years old.
Best used sparingly, and preferably just after you've started a conversation telling them how crap they look ever since they've had the chemical soup injection.

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This is always a good one to throw in at parties when you're being surrounded.
Not only will they be distracted by the math as you make you're exit, it will cheer many of them up - those who thought that they only had few days left live.
(and make sure to grab the pure blood hottie in the way out ).

Go forth and mock my friends - And remember:

If you haven't been called wanker by midday , everyday - you're being fucking lazy !

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Darwin approves of this message.


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funny stuff my pal, wtf you get dv here? fucking stalkers, it's like mute and move on because nobody can understand some of your humor, I don't get involved in the bullshit as real life work and fun takes the cake. Just dropping a note to some after a break and realizing it's still like some weird pyramid? IS THIS A CULT? IS IT ? bwahhhhhhhahahahahaahahahaahaha, well have a great day and such, maybe I post again maybe not and am rolling towards keeping with the maybe . for real, who the hell cares on most of it? I know I'm muted by some and that's fine, as adults there is always that option, just saying :) adios

Social Media they said, EARN on ten million things they said , it will be fun and you can write they said, then my period started and never stopped, the end :)

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