If the interview conducted by one of your wisest inhabitants has sparked any questions, I will now allow you to ask me anything.

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Greetings loyal followers.

One of your least terrible inhabitants, @wadepaterson has made the wise decision to conduct an interview with the most powerful being in any universe. You can find the greatest interview in the history of time in any galaxy here.

This is not @wadepaterson. You can tell the difference because @wadepaterson is still alive. This loser dared to ask me about some "facts" that did not fit my reality.

Although @wadepaterson did an impressive, most impressive job, I would imagine that the inhabitants of your primitive planet have many questions about my sheer awesomeness.

My executive assistant Vera, who is a wizard when it comes to scheduling, has carved out some time for me to answer any questions you have. Be careful though, if I am not pleased with these questions, I will show all of you what I am good at carving out... hearts!

The @lordvader A.M.A. has begun!


Will I be able to walk again normally @lordvader?

With your strength, I would never bet against it.

But "normal' is overrated.

You should proudly walk the @cryptopie way.

For your strength, you have earned this.

Thank you @lordvader :)
May the force in you radiate to the whole steem Galaxy.

Since I see that you are slumming it with the commoners in that stadium...

baseball, basketball, American football or real football?
What is your favourite sport to watch and which "Athletes" would you rather Force choke??

The real question is what would you rather see me play?

The answer is of course "everything".

Do you have sleep apnea?

It is hard to tell. I am too busy insulting people to sleep.

This is by far the best AMA in the history of time.

Of course it is.

You are quite famous Lord Vader.

I always wondered one thing. Once the Empire rules Earth, and the rest of the galaxy.... then what? And they lived happily ever after?

I don't know about "they", but I know I will.

I thought Rick Moranis did a great job of portraying you in Spaceballs. Do you really play with dolls and are you looking forward to Moranis reprising his role as you in an episode of The Goldbergs?

They are called "Action Figures"!

I'm not a big fan of the wars in the stars but since no one has asked anything yet, here's my question.

PC gaming or console?

Time to troll a little, what is console? #PCgamingrules 😎

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P.C.? I hate things that are P.C. All P.C. does is take away a being's ability to insult groups who are far inferior to oneself. For me, that is every group.

Hello, I’m less the loyal follower and more the interested observer at an out-of-choking distance.

As an avid reader of romances and a nosy human, here are my question(s): Does dating in your ‘garments’ cramp your style? Or are you simply too powerful and busy to have time for romance? Or even juicier, is there an office romance going on with Vera?!—hopefully this, I’m a keen reader of office romances...

Since you love carving out hearts, and I get it, I’m addicted to love hearts myself, here’s a few more to decorate your page:

You are aware that I am the master of the Force correct? And you understand the Force can be used to move anything. Think about that and then I think you will be able to answer your own question about something cramping my style.

You are aware that I am the master of the Force correct?

I’m suspicious by nature. It’s easy to be a master of the Force.


And you understand the Force can be used to move anything. Think about that and then I think you will be able to answer your own question about something cramping my style.

I can’t remember your movies and I wasn’t paying attention the last time my kids watched it. I’m not clear as to what is within scope of the ‘Force’ and how this relates to your love life. So anything is too vague, and what is that? Can you be more specific? Or maybe Vera should have her own AMA...?

Here, carving more hearts for you:

What is your preferred medium for heart shaped carving? Cake? And if it's not too much trouble, what's your preferred atmosphere when you do your carvings?

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First, the cake is a lie.

Second, my preferred atmosphere to carve out hearts is: 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen 0.93% Argon, 0.04% Carbon dioxide with some trace amounts of neon, helium, methane, krypton and hydrogen, as well as water vapor sprinkled in.

Really, I would have thought you for a 5 layer cake kinda guy, let me guess, you prefer used motorcycle tires?

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Lord Vader,
Did you ever think of commissioning a Centaur configuration model of the Imperial Walkers line of assault vehicles? Cuz that would look so cool. Maybe the arms could just be huge laser cannons, or something.

That is a rather interesting idea. We have not done that yet but we did make some modifications to an Imperial Walker so that giant saggy bag of puke inducing puss can still make it around the Death Star.

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