Conversations with Dog-oh – Should I trade Litecoin for Steem?

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I was sitting around thinking about things a bit too hard and wondering if I should trade more of my Litecoin for Steem – I glanced over at Dog-oh.

“What do you think Dog-oh, should I trade more Litecoin for Steem?” I asked.

Dog-oh kind of looked over causally at me staring a bit with his big brown eyes and his tongue slightly hanging out. “Ah ha, um hum,” he said.

Dog-oh waiting for second breakfast – click for viewing full screen

“No seriously Dog-oh both coins have kind of been in a slump recently but I think there maybe more upside potential in Steem. Litecoins founder dumped all his coins and left citing a ‘conflict of interest’ and I tried to download the blockchain the other day and got disgusted by the enormous size of it. Somewhere around 30 gigs or somethings like that,” I said.

“What on earth are you trying to download the Litecoin blockchain for? Just get a wallet like Electrum-LTC or leave your coins up on the exchange,” said Dog-oh.

“Maybe I wanted to dust off the old mining equipment and solo some LTC,” I said.

“Silly human, people don’t solo mine LTC with that old junk any more. That belongs in the dumpster,” said Dog-oh.

“Man, your just spoiling my fun. Okay, the truth comes out, I was thinking about testing some decentralized trading,” I said.

“Hmm maybe, but all those blockchains on your computer… I don’t want a bunch of smoke to come out of your computer and ruin my day,” said Dog-oh.

“Perhaps your right, I think Steem or Ethereum will work on the blockchain sharding issue and fix that. Those chains have got to be getting enormous. Especially with all the things, (like cat videos,) people are posting on Steemit. The first coin that solves that will probably spike in price,” I said.

“What’d ya think Dog-oh? Should I trade more?” I asked.

By this time Dog-oh was somewhat disinterested in our conversation and staring off into space. Perhaps mentioning cat videos was a bad idea.

I can’t solve all your problems human, your going to have to do your own due diligence – click for viewing full screen

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Just in case anyone is worried, this is supposed to be a funny post. :D


Its ur dog dear buddy. Very nice.
Listen Friend i am new on steemit. Please upvote my new two posts.

wow cool, actually dogs really understand the feeling of the owner.
dog is a very sensitive animal, loyalty, willing to sacrifice his life for the boss,
hearing, smell and can see something that is not seen by humans.
dogs are extraordinary animals.

thanks @lightsplasher for sharing.

How are you brother, nice brother

Beautiful post and good job dear friend @lightsplasher.

Honest. I only see, vote and share your posts. I'm sorry I didn't read it.

why are you so?
oh I know, that you don't understand English LoL, or do you not like dogs?

Cheers for your honest @atta09

hhhhh ... (Dog-oh). In my opinion! which one is better for you @lightsplasher. I'm also confused about that.

The interesting thing with Steem for us posters is it pays a dividend in a way. Personally I believe in voting up my own posts and I generally post everyday, so over time it adds up to a little dividend. Plus I get a lot of enjoyment from posting as well as supporting my friends on here, so that is an added benefit as well. However, I must admit Dog-oh most likely has better ideas on such matters than I do. Either way, good luck with your decision. I hope it turns out better than you can imagine :)

Its a good post afterall. Love you always.
if you feel free i hope you will visit me

Love dogs always.. love to see ur posts, pictures .
Brother please visit me. Im alone without you

Very good post dear. Im ritikha . Im new in steemit .please upvote me

BTW, I wanted to add to my comment from the other is nice to see Steem trading a bit up against a weak bitcoin.

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