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May you drive with Trainy McTrainface

in funny •  11 months ago

Sweden likes it democracy. It also likes to asks questions to the public like: How should we name this train?

That was the question asked a few month ago, just after Britain decided to now follow the public vote and humor (it's Britain after all) to name a polar research ship Boaty McBoatface.

So it was not that big a surprise that the proposition "Trainy McTrainface" rapidly grew to be the most popular by far.

But the Swedens are not that serious (or more serious) about their naming, so transport company MTR Express' marketing chief Per Nasfi was quick to say after the vote ended that

I can guarantee with my life that the train will be called Trainy McTrainface.

By now the train should have it's new, unusual unboring name and Nasfi is still alive.



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