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I have 2 hideous Batman costumes i brought a few years back , i even have Batman undies so I MUST be THE BAT
IMG_0832 - Copy.JPG
Last Sunday i had a mare, tried to do a job on my van but F$5ked it up making it un driveable, but i still had a bounce house to pick up i had in the local school hall!


Chuck on my Batman costume and trolley the 100kg bounce house 1.2k back home..but under the cover of darkness!

Made a video about it

here is the costume when i first got the hideous thing a few years back posing with my superhero kids

This is me @kiwiscanfly

Most pictures are Batmans..MINE!

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Haha bro where is the pant of Bat Man? Nice suite!


The comic family ,i have the flash costume ,May be i can join :)


yep of course you can :)

Ha ha ha..
looks like original batman ...
wow !! Batman have a child batman..!!!!!


i told my son the other day when i pass away the big batman costumes are his..he didn't seem that interested!


As the Joker (Jack Nicholson) would say ... 'Nice outfit'.


Image result for batgirl hot costume


How fast can you deliver?

Hello Batman, I like you... I think :))))


give me summer back NOW!!


No No No.... :)))))
It's my turn :)))

the powerful family
nothing can do anything

hehe , so bad bat man.

the powerful familyBatman_DC_Comics.png

wow ! you are a funny man .

If you have all the BATMAN attire, I think you should play your part as you should and go out and patrol the streets! The best part is that you have a spiderwoman as an ally!

The secret is out we know who Batman is.
Batman's new suit.


Lol! Looks like the kids loved the moment more.

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Baby Batman is alongside with you as well ;)

Wow..Look like a orginal Batman.
Ha ha ha! Batman has children - wow child batman.The child batman looks very sweet. Batman pictures are awesome.

I love your sparkley shoes!

Where can I get some just like that?

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