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in funny •  11 months ago

Hey Steemians,

Christmas is coming in 5 days! It's not too late to play a Christmas game. So here is the rule:

Type "for Christmas I want" then press the middle option on predictive until you run out of prediction and post your sentence here :D

This is my predictive "For Christmas I want...". It is quite funny. Enjoy :D

For Christmas I want you a little more to do it tomorrow and then you will be home in the next time you are done and you will have a good time and I don’t know what you to think of about you and you can get to see the condo I think we are just getting ready for a meeting I have a lot going to do I need you guys for dinner tonight I have to do it a little later than you guys have a lot going to do I have a plan I will be home in a little while I can get there and then I’ll pick it out thank him very very good morning thanks again thank

If you find it funny, please follow me @kingsten. Thank you for your support!

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For Christmas i want any changes you will find some extra bucks and click morning I was thinking the airdrop to know reason to know value to know that we are going well as spreading her to be beta tester for the airdrop to the moon and back of the airdrop to be a good Morning to be part in a few more strong in a few of yours you will find a long way in steemit community and click morning shots and I will find a different time in steemit help me to know reason I am starting a mm vmsmm to be beta rom of my small group of my small group of people who are not the intended recipient you are not the intended recipient or have you are interested then i want me vs cm fee is my introduction post ma sap and became Friends and click here for more than one year from posting for an appointment to be a mm msmsmmsmsmfm to the intended recipients to know


@pawanregmi28: be beta tester for the airdrop to the mon and back of the airdrop to be a good Morning... lmao. Very interesting to how each of our messages is different.

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